Terms & Condition

These Terms of Service ("Terms") govern the relationship between you ("User(s)") and RedCheap. Each User is subject to these Terms, and by using RedCheap's services, User agrees to be bound by the usage policies and other terms and conditions contained here in below. These Terms supplement the individual service agreement of each User, if any.

User represents and warrants that, in case User is an individual, such User is at least 18 years old, or, in case User is an entity, User is a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or other legal entity duly formed and in good standing where required to do business, such entity has all legal authority and power to accept these Terms. User agrees and undertakes to provide complete, accurate and latest information to RedCheap in connection with all registration or renewal processes and further agrees to update all such information from time to time as necessary to maintain complete, accurate and latest information. Although Users of paid services offered through RedCheap must be at least 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian of a minor may obtain an account on the minor's behalf, and by doing so, consents to such minor's use of the Services. Subscribing parents and legal guardians assume full responsibility and liability associated with a minor's use of any of the Services.

RedCheap reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove all or any part of these Terms at any time with or without prior notice. Users may view the most current version of these Terms at https://www.rctheme.com


  • Term of Service.The term of User's subscription to the Services commences upon User's acceptance of these Terms and terminates as set forth in this agreement.
  • Payment.User agrees to pay all fees for purchasing and renewing RedCheap Services. RedCheap may be made available for free by many partners in which case the user does not need to pay RedCheap for the use of RedCheap.
  • Authority. In the event User is a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, other business entity or group of individuals, the person registering for purchasing or renewing RedCheap Services on behalf of such entity, User shall submit a Certificate issued by such entity User to the effect that he/she has the authority to bind the corporation, LLC, partners, joint venture or other individuals in this manner and in connection with User's acceptance of all other Terms set forth herein.
  • Please take a note that RedCheap themes are non-tangible and irrevocable digital goods. Themes that are purchased once are not refundable in any case. You can see the demo of the theme before purchasing the services to ensure that the purchased theme fits your needs.