Load Balancing Introduction

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What Is Load Balancing?

Load balancing is the process of using multiple servers to handle requests for an application or web server. 

What Is The Benefit of Load Balancers? 

With traditional server hosting, if a server went down, your website went down with it.  With load balancing, we can have multiple servers go down and the system will continue to function and load your website.  Load balancers are great for expansion.  As your hosting needs grow, load balancers are a great solution and the sky is the limit.  Most large social networks, use this type of solution.


How Do Our Load Balancers Work? 

We use Haproxy with RoundRobin.  Right now we are offering, shared hosting, load balance.  If you are looking to build your own load balanced solution, please contact us.  When a request hits our load balancer, the request is forwarded to one of our NGINX / Apache servers.  Our NGINX / Apache servers remotely connect to MYSQL database servers. Below is the process from a users request to view the website:

  1. Users request hits one of our DNS clusters.
  2. That request in translated into an IP address.
  3. That IP address is pointed to one of our load balancers.
  4. The request to display the website is forwarded to one of load balanced NGINX / Apache servers
  5. PHP is then displayed and one of our remote database servers , serves the database requests.
  6. The website is displayed
  7. If a database change occurs or if a web-file is added/uploaded, it is synced across our network of servers within seconds, depending on the size of the change.


How Will Load Balancing Be Available At SharkBackup?

  1. Customers will purchase load balancing the same way they purchase our other services.
  2. Customers will receive an email with DNS information and also a cPanel control panel login.
  3. Customers will upload their websites, databases etc to this server. * we do offer free migrations if needed*
  4. Our support will need to help sync this information across our infrastructure.  Please contact our support at this point.
  5. Data has been synced across our infrastructure and DNS is ready to be updated.
  6. Create and A record to point to the load balancer you received in the Welcome email. 


When Will SharkBackup Load Balancing Be Available?

We are still in the Beta Phase of load balancing.  We have created many different load balancing environments and have found the solution we are looking for.  We are currently testing a few websites on the new load balancers.  Everything is working well for past few days.  There a couple bugs we are working out.  Bug 1. We are not able to do php uploads over 500mb.  Bug 2. *fixed* /run/haproxy was deleted when the server was rebooted.  This caused haproxy to enter a failed status.  Fix was creating /home/run/haproxy and updating haproxy.cfg to use that mount point. 


Most websites never need to upload 500mb+ files over http / https.  But for this environment, I wanted to test very large sites.  We are currently hosting pidzy.com on it, which requires large uploads / video files.  The site loads great when we bypass haproxy. We have tested files over 10GB in size and it works.  When haproxy is implemented, the upload fails.  Currently our haproxy configuration is pretty basic.  The timeouts have been raised but we still can not upload over 500mb of data over http.  I suspect it has something to do with how the load balancer is handling SSL sessions.  

As of right now, our load balancer setup will work with most websites.  Until this upload bug is fixed and I can not in good will go to production with this environment.

I expect to have this resolved in the next couple days.  When I resolve it, we need to do at least 2 more weeks of beta testing.  I expect this project to go to production by Valentines day. 


BETA Testers

We are currently looking for BETA tester websites.  Most likely your website will qualify unless you require http uploads over 500mb.  Also websites over 100GB in size do not qualify for BETA status. Please contact our support.  This offer may include 6 months of free hosting if you qualify.  

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